LED Displays

High quality LED signage for every type of project

Epistar delivers high-quality LED signage at a competitive price that can be customised for your particular project.

As the cost of LED displays come down and the quality improves, customer demand continues to grow.  But quality can be patchy, which leads to unhappy customers, re-work, loss of time and additional cost for Resellers, AV integrators and solution providers who are responsible for the final solution.

Organisations delivering LED solutions for customers are turning to Epistar because of quality, reliability and competitive pricing.  At Epistar, our aim is to make you look good, ensure you keep your customers happy and minimise cost so you can maximise the margin on your projects.  

All of our LED products come with a minimum 3 year warranty.

So whether you are sourcing LEDs for retail, healthcare, sports stadiums, entertainment or informational signage, Epistar can deliver a quality product, on time at a competitive price.  Just give us the opportunity to quote.

Epistar offers four ranges of LED signage –  indoor, outdoor, Mobile and Custom.

The Epistar difference

  • Local Australian sales and support
  • 3-5 year warranty on all products
  • In-house R&D
  • Quality certified Diode and Chip manufacturer
  • Multilayer circuit board with minimum 4 layers
  • Product designed for easy maintenance, maximum uptime and low total cost of ownership (TCO)