365 days a year

The Epistar Difference

Epistar Australia's SLA Partner manages and support's Australia’s largest and most complex digital media networks. Our SLA Partner maintain a contracted force of more than 212 certified technicians and dedicated teams for each client to manage the support of all networks and solutions at all times. This is also backed by strong service level agreements with our clients and partners.

At the same time, we constantly ensure a balance between maximum quality of service and lowest total cost of ownership. This is the defining charactistic of the Epistar Support promise.

Our Promise to You

  • The Epistar Australia Support team will be responsible for managing a case until resolution.
  • Support requests will be responded to within SLA and resolved immediately or a plan towards resolution will be provided.
  • We will provide a unique identifier for logging, tracking and reporting purposes.
  • We will provide an online portal to check the progress of cases and generate reports.
  • We will deliver an up‐time exceeding 99% across your digital network.
  • We will work to balance maximum quality of service and lowest total cost of ownership for our clients.


Contact Epistar Support

When a customer contacts Epistar Support, a case will be created in the SLA Support CRM and the customer will be provided a unique case identifier via email. The Epistar Support helpdesk can be contacted by email or phone.


Benefits of Epistar Support

Proactive monitoring. We detect & resolve issues customers do not see:

  • Maximize up-time
  • Ensure connectivity so content updates are downloaded
  • Business critical and high profile solutions checked hourly


Technical teams on first contact, no call centres:

  • Expedited resolution times
  • End to end accountability
  • Full root cause analysis and preventative measures implemented

Comprehensive, customisable, real time, online reporting:

  • Direct access to Engagis CRM
  • Full reporting on all case statistics including types, numbers & SLAs
  • Customisable date ranges


World class hardware management and shipping standards:

  • Customer inventory management and storage with serialised tracking
  • Proactive notification of minimum stock levels
  • Proactive ordering and stock level management
  • Technically trained team for staging and testing

Australia's Number "1" Service and Support Provider