LED Radar Speed Camera Sign

The Speedleader (T0) was designed to match and compete against our competitors imported LED Radar Speed Signs that are currently flooding the Australian market. Like our competitors Radar Speed Signs, the (T0) has no intelligent features built into it; it is basically a “dumb” device (no identifying data feedback or interaction), with its main objective of only displaying an approaching vehicles speed to its driver.

With the influx of Radar Speed Signs into the global market, drivers are becoming aware that these Radar Speed Signs are simply “dumb devices”, with no reporting capabilities that identify offending vehicles, apart from counting how many vehicles pass by and at what speed. The Radar Speed Sign “dumb device” being used globally, are demonstrating that drivers no longer take notice of this type of Radar Speed Sign; therefore, proving to be ineffective.

If you’re not looking to gather identifying intelligent data of offending vehicles, so that your local law enforcement can take proactive measures, then the (T0) is the most affordable Radar solution. 

The SpeedLeader (T1) Series is a industrial entry-level Radar Speed Display Sign, that displays an  approaching vehicle speed to its driver. The (T1) Series can be setup to display the speed of all approaching vehicles, either under or order the speed zone limit; during a preset time schedule or detecting continuously day and night.

The front of the Radar SpeedLeader Cabinet comes complete with a range of static reflective vinyl speed limit zones, which can be applied by the operator after purchase, to suit the proposed traffic speed limit monitoring location.

Although the (T1) has a wide range of software features that can be activated after the initial purchase, any hardware features that are not added prior to purchasing, cannot be added unless the SpeedLeader (T1) is returned to our factory for upgrade. Such hardware upgrades are more expensive to add after purchase and are indicated with *. 

The SpeedLeader (T2) Series offers the same features as the (T1), but has the added full colour high resolution LED Matrix display, that allows the operator to add custom messages and graphics that can be displayed to all approaching vehicle drivers; or display one message to under speed vehicles (Happy Face/Thank You), and  display an alternative message/symbol to vehicles that are over the locations preset speed limit zone (Sad Face/Smile Your on Camera).

The most advanced LED Radar Speed Sign in the global market is the Speedleader (T2), with many unique features not yet developed in our competitors’ products; such as an affordable Speed Camera solution, Dual Camera option, Number Plate Recognition logging software, remote 4G communication, and connection to a central server database that uploads offending vehicle data for local law enforcement to access and take preventive action against such offenders.

Customers are able to purchase the Speedleader (T2) with the optional cameras, and activate only the necessary software features required, therefore keeping costs to a minimum, while having the option to upgrade and add further software features at a later date.

The SpeedLeader (T3) provides a safer workplace for our much-needed roadwork maintenance crews, by providing driver feedback information to approaching drivers, such as vehicle speed, the speed limit at roadwork sites, and alerting drivers that are not adhering to the worksite speed limit.

The mobile trailer system is designed to couple 4 x (T3) systems in tandem, allowing the operator to transport 4 x Speedleader (T3) mobile systems to a job site, saving on deployment expenses for large job sites that require multiple mobile LED Radar Speed Display Signs.

As road builders and road maintenance contractors have a duty of care to provide safe workplaces during the construction and maintenance of our roads, the Speedleader (T3) is designed to enforce the necessary safety. With the quick deployment design of the (T3), and the simple operation and setup, local law enforcement are able to intercept offending vehicles by receiving an instant SMS alert, that includes the vehicles speed, registration and captured image. 

Again, Speedleader proves to be an industry innovator, bringing the first marine LED Radar Speed Display Sign to the global market, for use on waterways, canals, and lakes. 

The Speedleader (M1) incorporates all the features of the (T1), but is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment such as corrosion, while operating completely on solar and battery power.

The main focus of use for the Speedleader (M1), is to provide safety amongst swimmers and marine vessels, while at the same time encouraging respect between vessel operators and property owners that adjoin community waterways. 

The (M1) comes complete with marine grade mounting brackets that enables the operator to install the (M1) system to existing posts, buoys, and channel markers. We have also designed and an optional custom buoy for the (M1), that incorporates solar panels and large battery bank for a self-sustainable system.