T-ZERO Base Radar Sign

The SpeedLeader T-ZERO Series all come standard with remote communication via the 4G Cellular Network, enabling users to obtain live captured data easier and more freely, without having to travel to each deployed device location, therefore saving on valuable time and cost.

The T-ZERO BASE Series is one of the most advanced basic Radar Speed Display Signs on the global market, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, the BASE Series provides a range of traffic statistics, remote hardware monitoring and power input/output, and GPS asset tracking.

Passing traffic are displayed there approaching vehicle speed in custom font style and color, with the ability to also display to drivers a custom test message or image, depending if there vehicle was detected under/over the set speed limit. All SpeedLeader Speed Display Signs are designed and built to all State and Territory Transport Specifications.

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RADAR & LIDAR Product and Installation Training.

When purchasing a SpeedLeader Radar or LIDAR product, we provide a in depth instructional user manual on how to install the purchased product correctly, how to configure and operate the product, and how to access the Cloud Web Server to view captured data and download statistics.

We also provide an optional onsite training package, which explains in detail how Dopler Radar works, how targets are detected, correct procedures and surrounding environment for setting up a Dopler Radar device, how to avoid false triggers from Dopler Radar, and how to setup the Camera Capture for correct triggering.

Our optional trainnig package is provided by a member of the Australian Police Service, that trains Police Officers in the use of Radar Speed Guns, LIDAR Speed Guns, and Mobile Speed Cameras devices.

T-ZERO Plus Radar Sign
The first globally manufactured LED Radar Speed Display Sign with Capture Camera. The SpeedLeader T-ZERO PLUS Series is the improved version of the BASE Series, with HD Camera Capture and Live Video Streaming.

Captured images are instantly uploaded to our user friendly Web Server Cloud, along with all traffic statistics for live viewing, or download the captured data for further analyzing and record keeping.

After setting the area speed zone, the camera will capture images of all over speed vehicles, and time/date stamp each image with the detected vehicle speed. The PLUS Series is an affordable solution for targeting problem areas where other Speed Display Signs are proving to be non-effective. Australian designed and made for Australian roads and conditions.
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T-ZERO Marine Radar Sign
The MARINE Radar Series offers all the same features and hardware as the BASE and PLUS Series, however it is constructed and assembled to suit the harsh marine environment of corrosion.

With the increasing incidents on Australian waterways and canals, the MARINE Radar Series was designed to provide law enforcement and marine departments an affordable solution to monitor, analyze, and target problem areas with the limited resources these departments have available to them.

Deigned to operate on battery and solar, the MARINE Radar Series can also be converted to operate on 240v mains power, where deployment locations such as bridges and canal structures already have power available. The ideal deployment location is where vessels are channeled, so that the Dopler Radar has the ability to capture such offending vessels. For deployment locations where speed control is a serious problem, and vessels cover a wide area, the SpeedLeader LIDAR 3D-360 is the ideal solution.

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T-ZERO Mobile Radar Sign
The SpeedLeader T-ZERO MOBILE Radar is suited for quick deployment at road work sites, road accidents, event locations, black spot locations and during peak holiday seasons for enforcing road safety.

T-ZERO MOBILE Radar has all the same features as the BASE and PLUS Series, however with an additional LED Display Screen, which can be custom configured to suit the intended deployment solution. Custom images and text can be displayed on either top or bottom screens, and triggered upon an over speed event.

The on-board power system includes battery and solar, with a back-up inverter generator, enabling the MOBILE Series to operate 24/7. The trailer design also allows for two units to be coupled together and towed in tandem, saving time on deployment and cost.

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Expected Release Date Jan 2020 - The worlds first Marine Speed Camera surveillance system, designed to monitor up to 20 vessels simultaneously in a 360 degree field of vision, in complete darkness, rain, fog, smoke, cloud and daylight; while capturing vessels registration, speed, distance, direction and behavior; all in HD video and still images.

The SpeedLeader Marine 3D LIDAR technology is designed to enforce offences that occur on marine water ways, lakes, canals and estuaries; with its main goal to provide a safer environment between vessel operators and the public.

The Marine LIDAR model does not use dopler radar to calculate the speed of vessels, its core technology is the 3D LIDAR Sensors that calculates speed, distance, and assorted dimensions.
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