SpeedLeader Speed Awareness Monitors

Speedleader speed awareness monitors – also called electronic speed detection signs or radar speed signs – combine LED signage with radar and responsive messaging to improve safety on roads and waterways.

Speedleader from Epistar uses LIDAR in preference to radar for increased accuracy.

Clear and informative LED signage, coupled with speed detection, can help protect the vulnerable in our community – whether it’s school children, young families, the elderly, employees or workers on a construction project. Speedleader minimises risk and helps organisations fulfill their duty of care.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, Speedleader includes a radar for sensing speed and provides feedback by way of the numerical speed (LED display) or an emoji.

Epistar offers two series of Speedleader – Speedleader Essential which provides speed detection and display and Speedleader Vision which provides speed detection and display as well as in inbuilt camera for recording and time-stamping images of speeding drivers. Each series can be customised by adding a preferred set of options including a trailer.

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It’s all about safety

If you are responsible for the safety of people within your environment where vehicles are present, then not only do you have a duty of care to manage risk, but proactively managing safety is welcomed by the people for whom you are responsible.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and the consequences can be serious, so taking steps to minimise risk such as traffic calming solutions is important.

Here are some statistics to help explain the risks and how they can be reduced.

  • For pedestrian collisions, when vehicles travel at 32 kmph, nine out of 10 pedestrians survive, but when vehicles travel at 48 kmph, only five out of 10 survive. And for 64 kmph, the survival rate is only one in 10.
  • Road traffic accidents are one of the top 10 causes of deaths worldwide, claiming 1.3M lives.
  • 50% of people who die on the roads are “vulnerable users,” such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.
  • Car accidents are the leading cause of unintentional death to children ages 0-19 years old.
  • 17% of traffic fatalities and 10% of traffic injuries were among the elderly, aged 65 and over.
  • Radar speed signs have an immediate and long term impact on driver behaviour and can slow traffic in school zones by 8 to 14.4 kmph.
  • A study of 43 international traffic calming programs found that traffic calming solutions decreased traffic accidents by 8-100%