SpeedLeader Vision Series

Based on the Essential series, the Vision series includes a built-in camera for capturing and date stamping photographs of speeding drivers as well as a live camera stream.

It includes all the speed detection and display features of the Essential series and also comes in two sizes, 480mm x 480mm and 720mm x 720mm.

The Vision series allows you to identify troublesome drivers and repeat offenders.

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Specification Overview

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Radar detection distance200 metres
DisplayMatrix LED
480mm x 480mm or 720mm x 720mm
60 pixels x 60 pixels or 72 pixels x 72 pixels
Automatic brightness sensorIncluded
PowerRe-chargeable battery
Computer64 bit, 1.5Ghz processor with 32GB USB drive
and built-in time clock
CommunicationWiFi or Ethernet
Data retrievalUSB drive or download via WiFi
Data collectiontraffic volume, vehicle speed, time and date stamp, vehicle under speed count, vehicle over speed count, image with date and time stamp and live streaming camera
CabinetMoulded composite construction with Polyurethane core, argon gas insulation and gelcoat finish
Warranty3 years


240V power pack

Solar power pack

Cloud CMS (Content Management System)

Post or wall mounting packs

Remote communication pack

Stainless steel cabinet for maritime applications


High resolution camera upgrade