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Black SMD Pixels

Higher Contrast
Lower Brightness
Uniform Display

White SMD Pixels

Higher Brightness
Greater Visibility
Perfect Outdoor Option

Cable-Less Modules

Fast Installation
Hot Swap Repair
Interference Free

Magnetic Modules

Fast Installation
Quick Maintenance
Front Service Design

Back Service

Back Service

EPI-VEGA series incorporate the magnetic module design, which allows for front and rear module removable for quick maintenance and repairs. The magnet module design has a handle attached to the rear of the module, allowing the user to easily handle the module without dropping or damaging the module pixels. During transit, the modules have transit screws fitted, to limit movement and potential damage during relocation.

Front Service

Front Service Tool

For LED Screen installations that do not have rear screen access, the EPI-VEGA series is designed also for front installation/servicing. Using the custom designed magnetic module removing tool, the LED Modules are easily removed from the EPI-VEGA cabinet within seconds. Another innovative feature of the EPI-VEGA modules, is the cable-less design, no power cables and no data cables, creating a perfect trouble free connection.

Hanging Beam

Hanging Beam

The "optional" hanging beam is designed for temporary installations, creating a fast and convenient solution for hanging LED Screens from truss beams, scaffolding, or adjustable hoisting systems. Each hanging beam is the same width of the EPI-VEGA cabinet, designed to create a endless screen display width, while providing ease of transport to each event. The hanging bar is design and engineered using light weight aerospace aluminium, capable of holding up to 12 LED Cabinets vertically from each hanging bar.

Stacking Beam

Stacking Bar

The "Stacking Bar" allows the LED Screen to be installed directly onto the ground, while protecting the bottom pixel edge rows on each screen cabinet. Designed for solutions requiring a maximum screen display height. The optional "Hanging Bar" actually converts into the "Stacking Bar", by removing the hanging clips.

Black SMD

White or Black SMD

For customers that require a high contract LED Screen indoor display, the EPI-VEGA Indoor (I) model is also available in the "Black SMD" pixel, which creates a incredibly high contrast picture display. Note that the standard SMD pixel used in the EPI-VEGA models are the "White SMD".

SED Feedback

SED Feedback

SED Feedback Display - The EPI-VEGA series incorporates the "Smart Error Detection" feedback display, which provides the user with an instant visual color display, that corresponds to a specific operational performance or error display. When the LED Screen is functioning correctly, all the SED displays will display white, and for errors such as, weak power supply, no signal, door open, temperature to high, the SED display will indicate a specific color.