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Scrolling LED Signs

All Scrolling LED Signs are custom made to customers specifications, shapes and sizes, in a range of pixel resolutions from P2.9 to P10. Whether your looking for a small Scrolling LED Sign or a large Scrolling LED Sign, EPISTAR can provide the size to suit your requirements.

Indoor LED Screens

The fastest "snap" assembly indoor LED Screen Solution, providing a perfect seamless picture display, with cable-less component hardware, designed for uninterrupted viewing time. Our indoor LED Screen products  incorporate the latest technology features within the LED Screen industry, making EPISTAR stand out from OEM Suppliers.

Outdoor Solutions

Industry innovator of high performance fixed installation Outdoor LED Screens, designed to outperform all expectations in resolution, brightness, clarity, while operating on a small carbon footprint. Our range or LED Display Screens are designed for, Post Mounted LED Signs, Pylon or Monolithic LED Signs, Wall Mounted LED Screens, and Temporary LED Screen Solutions.

Curved LED Screens

The closest distance between two points is a straight line, but when it comes to connecting with an audience or market, straight planes aren’t always a great choice. There’s a reason why car commercials almost always have a new vehicle sliding around a curvy road: Audiences love the unexpected, and curves offer a new, exciting option. Curves convey an enhanced experience, something more interesting that the human eye is naturally drawn to. Why limit your advertising to a rectangular box?

Custom Solutions

Transparent LED Screens were thought to be a novel idea for retail shops, but they are now turning heads at international shopping malls.
With captivating content being displayed in shop windows, retail customers are now being drawn by the content being displayed and the interaction of customers and products through the transparent LED Screens.

New Product Range! Details Coming Soon.

New Product Range! Details Coming Soon.

Traffic Solutions

Traffic LED Sign solutions built for Australian government and private roads, for use in traffic monitoring, public safety, and providing driver feedback in potentially hazardous environments. Our range of traffic LED Signs include, Radar LED Speed Signs, Speed Camera LED Display Signs, LED Speed Sign Indicators, and Mobile Radar Speed Signs.

Mobile trailer LED Screens or truck based LED Screen solutions, EPISTAR Australia can provide the complete package, built to customers specifications, whether your looking for a mobile commercial advertising platform for your business or your looking to setup a hire fleet of trailer LED Screens. We have a range of products to suit every application, from roadwork LED Signage through to LED TV Display Screens, all custom designed to your special requirements.

Epistar Australia offers an extensive range of traffic LED Signage solutions, from LED Lane Control Signs, LED Traffic Variable Message Signs, LED Variable Speed Limit Signs, LED Speed Activated LED Signs, through to Road Works LED Warning Signs.

We also provide a selection of Service Level Agreements (SLA) with our Traffic LED Signage Products, which provide customers a guaranteed same day service, 24/7, 365 days a year, in the event of a fault notification.

World's First Cable-Less LED Screen Solution

Outdoor Resolution Pitch - P2.6, P3.2, P3.9, P4.8, P6.25
Indoor Resolution Pitch - P1.2, P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8