Radar Speed Signs



Fully-featured Radar Driver Feedback (DFB) LED Display Sign. Easy to install and programmable through wireless connectivity, the EPISTAR "DFB" is user friendly and requires no training to operate via its browser based control platform. With a full matrix high resolution LED display screen, the Radar LED Speed Sign has the capacity to display both drivers vehicle speed and custom text messages such as "slow down" to speeding motorists. EPISTAR has merged speed dependent messaging into one highly visible and efficient quality package. The EPISTAR Radar LED Speed Sign promotes increased safety for pedestrians against speeding motorists.

All EPISTAR LED Speed Signs are embedded with traffic data analysing software. The embedded management software is menu driven through any deivce browser, with the ability to recall automatic generated reports for providing traffic statistic feedback in assisting road management safety programs.
The EPISTAR Radar LED Speed Sign comes complete as a Plug N Play product, simply fit the included mounting brackets to your already existing sign post, mount the Radar Speed Sign to the brackets, fit the included solar panel, connect the included battery; and than power on the system. The Radar LED Speed Sign will operate continously 24hrs per day, 7 days a week; or alternatively the system will operate according to the days and times the user has programmed the system to operate via the browser user interface.