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EPISTAR Australia  provides expert custom solutions for all forms of businesses, ranging from small to large enterprises, corporate and government throughout Australia, via EPISTAR's Distributor Network.
Innovative Design  will prove to be an element that evolves from a company's dedication to research and development.
Quality Materials  from world leading component and material manufacturers can only guarantee a 10-year operating life.
10 Year Warranty  is the EPISTAR guarantee of a quality product, built for performance, reliability, and trouble free operation.
Australian Made  provides EPISTAR with full control of product design, sourcing of quality materials, quality control over manufacturing through to assembly; the key factor of providing quality. 










In February 2016, EPISTAR Australia was the first Australian LED Screen manufacturer to develope a hardware embedded communication server for its Scrolling LED Sign products, which allows users to interact with our Scrolling LED Signs from any internet enabled device, with a simple WEB Browser, and without the need to install any software.

This system was designed to provide users with a simple to use interaction platform without the need for any prior interface training. The hardware embedded server interface has no strings attached, meaning that your LED Sign will operate without the need of a third party server gateway as traditionally required.

For those that require remote access, the LED Sign communicates over a internet connection, either via ethernet, WiFi, or by using the 4G mobile network.

Our Scrolling LED Signs come standard with the EPISTAR 10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty. Click here ...




Post Mounted LED Speed Signs are available in DIY installation packages, which enables customers to save on installation costs. Each DIY package comes complete with the LED Radar Speed Sign, Static Speed Limit Sign, Solar Power Panel, Sealed Battery, and mounting brackets and hardware. Simple to understand Installation Instructions are included, with the system taking no longer than 15mins to install.

Programming the Radar Speed Sign is also simple to do via the built-in digital display user interface panel. Step by Step programming instructions are included, which explains how to customise the Radar settings and LED display.  

All LED Radar Speed Signs come standard with the EPISTAR 10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty, which ensures that your new LED Radar Speed Sign is covered for manufacture defects and product failure for 10 Years of use. Click here ...




Post Mounted LED Signs are available in DIY packages, which enables customers to save on installation costs. Each DIY package comes complete with the LED Sign, Static Headboard Sign (printed with customers logo), Powder Coated Posts, Mounting Hardware, and easy to understand installation instructions. EPISTAR also offers a full installation service with this product.

Cloud based communication comes standard with this package, which allows the user to remotely program their LED Sign from any internet enabled device, from anywhere in the world, without having to install third party LED Signage software.

All Post Mounted LED Sign packages come standard with the EPISTAR "10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty".  Click here ...


Looking for a custom made Monolithic master piece, fitted with a LED Display Screen? Here at EPISTAR we have a team of award winning designers that can design a custom Monolithic Sign to suit your school, business, government department, or your church. EPISTAR also has a range of standard Monolithic designs that can be customised with your own colour choices, logos, and emblems.

Cloud based communication comes standard with all Monolithic Signs, which allows the user to remotely program their LED Sign from any internet enabled device, from anywhere in the world, without having to install third party LED Signage software.

All Monolithic LED Signs come standard with the EPISTAR "10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty".  Click here ...




Just as EPISTAR Australia made LED Signage more affordable for Schools across Australia in 2015; in 2016 EPISTAR Australia will be making it's LED Video Screens affordable to pubs, clubs and taverns; which is sure to create rivalry in the industry.

EPISTAR Australia is able to manufacture high quality LED Video Screens equal or better in quality as offered by its competitors in the industry. With every LED Video Screen manufactured and sold, our standard 10 Year Warranty gives customers assurance of a quality product.

What makes EPISTAR Australia LED Screens a quality product?  As our company states, every LED Video Screen manufactured uses the world famous EPISTAR Taiwan LED Chip. EPISTAR Taiwan has been a world leader, innovator and manufacturer of LED Chips since 1996, and is currently the largest LED Chip manufacturer in the world. Click here ...


EPISTAR Australia is a manufacturer of LED Display Screens, which offers customers the largest selection of Screen sizes in the LED Signage industry. Our LED modular screen system allows us to manufacture any size LED Display Screen, in either Single Colour, Tri-Colour or Full Colour Displays. 

Custom made LED Display Screens, enables customers to select a communication method that allows their LED Display Screen to be controlled in many applications, over an array of connections such as; ethernet, RS232/RS485, WiFi, long range RF, and of coarse our unique Cloud based communication system.

All LED Display Screens come standard with the EPISTAR "10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty".  Click here ...




LED Big Screens are now becoming very popular in the Billboard Advertising industry, the Audio/Video Entertainment Industry, and also in private homes as the latest in Big Screen Television displays. All LED Video Screens manufactured by EPISTAR, are manufactured using our seamless modular display system; which produces a perfect flat seamless picture display in a Full Colour High Definition output. 

The LED Big Screens are capable of displaying an array of inputs, such as; Live Television, Austar, Foxtel, Netflix, Live Camera Feeds, RSS Feeds, Gaming Consoles, Computer VGA Outputs, DVD Players, 

All LED Big Screens come standard with the EPISTAR "10 Year Factory/Parts Warranty". 


Here at EPISTAR Australia, we are expanding our locations all across Australia, so that all future customers are able to benefit from our affordable EPISTAR range of products. 

In early October 2016, EPISTAR Australia invested in the establishment of its own parts manufacturing facility located in Shenzhen China; a stones throw from the world famous EPISTAR Chip manufacturing facility located in Tawian.

With the establishment of our new Australian parts factory in China, this allows EPISTAR Australia to provide higher quality components, faster supply of parts, and further price reductions in our retail pricing, making EPISTAR the cheapest supplier of LED Screens throughout Australia.

So if your looking to enter the LED Screen sales industry, EPISTAR Australia has the back bone to become Australia's leading brand. Click here ...





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