Monolithic LED Signs





For most customers, a pixelated LED Screen just doesn’t look the part when you’re trying to project a professional image to your audience; that is why EPISTAR has now reduced the cost on P6 LED Screens from September 2016, allowing customers to purchase a P6 Screen for the price of a P10 Screen.



Consider more than just the LED Screen! Sure the main component is the LED Screen hardware, but equally important is the software or user interface that allows a user to interact with the LED Screen. With over 95% of all LED Screen software being developed by Chinese suppliers, EPISTAR Australia is the first Australian company to design, develop and provide customers with a User Interface (PIXEL-CONNECT) for the Australian market.

The “PIXEL-CONNECT” platform is also the first User Interface that requires no software installation, and the first intuitive platform that requires no software training or software manual; allowing users to interact via any device browser.



EPISTAR has all your connections covered! The Multi-Connect control system allows users to communicate from their device browser, via either a WiFi Connection, LAN Connection or the 4G Mobile Network; giving customers freedom to connect in multiple ways.



FACT - EPISTAR is the only Australian company that provides an Australian Factory 10 Year Lifetime Warranty on its LED Screens! The EPISTAR Warranty covers all faulty electronic components and malfunctions under a full Factory Parts Replacement Warranty. So in the event that your LED Screen totally fails at 9 years and 11 months, all components will be covered under the EPISTAR Lifetime Warranty.